About Me

0.07_0.08_0.23_0.22_192_320_csupload_47644016My name is Sylvie Fergusson and I am the founder, principle artist and instructor for Art Academies. What had begun as crafting with my young daughters and a way to spend time with them, has gradually grown into a passion for everything involving “art”, from card making to painting to sculpting and even graphic design. My medium of choice for painting is oil although I have a background in acrylics and have recently ventured into the world of mixed media, watercolors, graphite and charcoal drawings. For more information on my realism in oil paintings please view and LIKE my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sylviefergusson.artist  
My most recent passion has been sculpting using Paverpol, a non-toxic, waterbased textile hardener. I have created numerous statues as well as applied the technique to create mixed-media canvas art. I am a certified Paverpol Instructor and offer workshops in my studio in Gatineau, Quebec. I enjoy exploring new mediums and am always learning something new. I invite you to view my various works on this website or on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/art-academies.com as well as those of my students.  Please feel free to contact me to purchase my art or for a commissioned piece of your own. 
Contact me at 819-593-0552 for more information or to register for a workshop.
Art Academies
22 Avenue Gatineau – #4
Gatineau, QC J8T 8E7