The hot summer days have gotten cooler and shorter, school has started for most (what a crazy week!) and we are all just getting back to our regular routines. These uber busy days seem to just meld into one long, stressful week after week after week. So how do we get recharged? How do we stay sane surrounded by the noise of everyday life? Has that little voice at the back of your head started asking « What about me? » yet?

We all need some « ME TIME » to be able to function at our optimum level whether that be for our work, our homes, our families, our outside activities etc.  Some people workout, others get massages, some take longs nature walks or can travel on a regular basis and are then able to get re-energized and focused on the tasks at hand. But for some of us all we need is some scissors, some messy craft items, paints or colored pencils or anything that will apply color, a table covered in plastic and just an inkling of an idea of what to make!! The rest will just fall into place and during those blissful hours, nothing else around you matters! And at the end of the day you feel accomplished, invigorated, and very  proud of your creation. You are RECHARGED!!

So don’t let the weeks ahead get away from you…call or email today to book your workshop of choice! Please see the Workshops page for details of upcoming workshops.

See you soon 🙂


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